When established in 2005,  native plants have always dominated the spectrum of plants available at Natives Plus. In 2008, Natives Plus made the change, and narrowed their focus to specialize in local spore-propagated ferns.

Most commercial growers produce tissue cultured plants, which are essentially cloning in a sterile environment in order to produce a "perfect specimen" time and time again. Here at Natives Plus, we collect spores locally in order to keep biodiversity alive. Biodiversity is so important because when the world around us changes, species will have a better chance to survive based on the wide assortment of genes possible in each new plant, which in turn is important in helping maintain biodiversity for insects and animals as well.

We believe in conservation through propagation.

Our Services

  • Correct geno-type collecting

Don't live in our area but want good-looking plants grown with love that are specific to YOUR area? We will come out to you during certain time of year depending on fern type, and collect spores so you can landscape with plants that have adapted and evolved through the ages to your local soil type and climate.

  • Contract Growing

Know you need (x) amount of plants for a future growing season? Let us know and we can make that happen! Tell us what you need and we will tell you approximately when we will have them ready for pick-up. Contact us to start a contract.

  • Plug tray growing for your business

Let us grow plug trays for your business! We propagate our ferns in fall for plug trays to be ready to leave our nursery in spring. Trays will generally be ready for you to sell as hardy ferns by the following spring growing season (depends of fern type). We use 98 cell plug trays, but have 72 cell trays on a special order basis.  Contact us for more information

  • Mail Order

See our Ordering Informationpage , under "Shipping Options," for specifics on Mail Order.


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